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I finally got to where I was just miserable with my back, and I begged Mary to help me. She stuck her elbow in where it hurt...and it doesn't hurt any more. There's a little residual ache and tightness, but not the agony that I've gone through in the last three days or so. I love being married to a massage therapist.

I'm getting ready for the trip to the Philippines, which probably won't happen this week but will happen (I have faith) in the next couple of weeks. Part of my preparation includes buying water purification equipment, mosquito netting, and various pharmaceutical items for the trip. These aren't things that I'm typically used to buying, so naturally I have a thousand and one questions. I'll get through this alive, I know I will, it's just that all of the material from the CDC and other authorities has me scared to death that I'm going to come down with some dreaded tropical disease or something. I know full and well that's not going to happen, provided that I take reasonable precautions.

Apart from that, it's back to the office with me tomorrow. I've got plenty to worry about without all of the trip preparations.

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