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Today I learned that I probably won't be going anywhere until sometime in the middle of September. I also learned that, of all of the material that I've been reviewing, the group that I'll be training in the Philippines will be doing maybe a quarter of it. So, maybe I won't be spending that much time over there, as it turns out. I don't know what this does to my schedule; I was scheduled for two weeks of prep time (one of which is burned now) and six weeks of training, and that's probably going to have to change. Which means I'm going to have to talk that over with the client tomorrow. Ah, the life of an independent consultant.

This, I think, is the last week of four workouts a week. I had a workout this evening, and three more scheduled for this week. It's making quite a difference. I have a little pain, but for the most part it's all been positive. My legs, which have been really swollen, are starting to deflate some, and although I still have a big gut on me, I can tell that the muscles are a lot stronger. I'll be glad to go to three a week rather than four, though. I'll do a day of cardio workouts (treadmill, elliptical trainer, bike) in between there. Last night I mowed the lawn. It was about 85 degrees and 50 percent humidity, and I managed to do the whole thing (about a quarter of an acre, since the back is now mostly hardscape) without stopping to catch my breath or to let my back stop hurting. Took me about 45 minutes. That's quite an accomplishment.

Hey, check out memory_muse. It's a community where you get a word to write about every day. I've been having fun with it. A few of you are already members.

I think I'll go take a shower. That way I don't have to take one in the morning.

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