John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

A quiet Saturday night

I promise, no 9/11 remembrance post.

Haven't done much writing in the last week or so. I've read a lot, though, most notably Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. I'm not much of a fan of fantasy, nor of young adult fiction, but Ms. Rowling is a good writer. It's a hefty book, but she keeps it moving pretty well, and I would imagine that younger readers enjoy the level of detail to which she's gone. I also made it through Undead and Unwed, the first in a series by MaryJanice Davidson about Elizabeth (Betsy) Taylor, unemployed secretary turned Queen of the Vampires. Again, I'm not much into horror, but this isn't exactly the typical vampire book. In fact, it would probably set most of my vampire aware friends spinning in their earth-lined coffins. Thus, it's my other favorite kind of book: an icon-buster. I've started the second book in her series, Undead and Unemployed, which is about as funny as the first, which is to say, not very, but entertaining nevertheless.

I have a couple of other books that I'll read eventually: Sock, by Penn Jillette (it looked funny, and I should support whatever libertarian entertainers there are out there), and Running With Scissors, by Augusten Burroughs, which I bought in the airport on the day that I was told to go home from the user conference, and which I tried to read but honestly was too pissed at the ex-company and the ex-boss and all of his ex-bosses to read.

I've pretty well recovered from the trip to Chicago. Today, Mary and I hefted her mother's cedar chest out of the van and into the house, where it now sits under the window and about half a dozen feline fannies. It will no doubt become another yarn depository.

As I said, I haven't done much writing lately. The well's kind of dry, not that that's any excuse. I need to get away from the computer for a while (say, two or three years) and write longhand. If nothing else, it'll make the words flow. I hope.

Looks like Ivan looms off the coast of Florida, and this one looks like a real motherf---er. I'm about 850 miles from Key West, but as strong as this one is, it'll probably still be pretty strong by the time it gets here. Frances dumped a lot of rain here in Atlanta as she was breaking up. My thoughts and prayers go with all of you down there who have already been hit twice and look like you're in for another one. Let's hope it breaks up some before it comes ashore.

OK, I've taken up enough space on your friends page. Good night.

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