John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

The devil made me do this

Hocked from anahata56. OK, I don't exactly qualify, so I did this one as my favorite female alter ego, Mary Cecelia O'Brian, who some of you know from Ghostletters, and about whom I spent most of the evening writing, so her character was fresh in my mind...

The Morrigan
You are The Morrigan. She is a goddess of war,
death, prophecy and passionate love. Together
with Badb and Macha she built a triad of three
warlike goddesses.

Find Your Inner Bitch Goddess
brought to you by Quizilla

This is really appropriate, particularly the sword. Mary Cecelia prefers her Glock 15, of course, which is a bit less unwieldy for a girl of her size (a shade under 5 feet tall and just under 100 lbs.) than her father's Colt 1911 (her father was, of course, Chief Jack O'Brian, after whom this journal is named). Too bad the Morrigan isn't a redhead.

EDIT: Check that. She is, isn't she? But not a green-eyed redhead. Close enough for mythology.

You know, I do have two other female characters. Wonder if they're anything like Badb and Macha?

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