John Holton (john_holton) wrote,
John Holton

And for you baseball fans...

Congratulations to Bobby Cox of my hometown Atlanta Braves on his 2000th win as a major league manager. He's 9th on the all time list and second among active managers to Tony LaRussa of the St. Louis Cardinals (who started his managerial career with the Chicago White Sox). See you guys in Cooperstown.

And, hey, looks like the Cubs are about to be knocked out of contention for the wild card in the National League. Will the Braves strike the fatal blow? Oh, yeah....

Condolences to the city of Montreal for losing the Expos. They were the first Major League franchise based in a non-US city and enormously popular until a few years ago. Congratulations to Washington, DC for getting the winning bid; perhaps third time is a charm. And brickbats to Major League Baseball for dragging their feet on the decision making, and to Peter Angelos in Baltimore for acting like a lawyer and throwing a hissy fit over the fact that Washington is only forty miles away and making an issue about his "fan base". You know, Peter, Baltimore and Washington co-existed as baseball cities for twenty years, with both versions of the Senators losing the battle and moving to another city (Bloomington, Minnesota and Arlington, Texas). The trick was for the owner to put a winning team on the field in Baltimore. Field a halfway decent team, you won't have to worry about Washington. The Yankees have done it, and the Mets play ten miles away. So have the Chicago Cubs, with the White Sox ten miles away. So have the Giants and A's, and Dodgers and Angels. And, hey, New York supported three teams at one time, and Philadelphia and Boston supported two. Your franchise is losing money and value because you haven't done anything since signing Cal Ripken and building Camden Yards. Cry me a river...

EDIT:Mr. Angelos might also want to remember that, before they were the Baltimore Orioles, they were the St. Louis Browns and shared not only a city but a ballpark with the Cardinals. It didn't affect attendance at all.

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