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Small travelogue

This picture was taken not long after I moved to Atlanta from Chicago. It shows old Comiskey Park (home of the White Sox) on the left, and new Comiskey Park (now US Cellular Field) on the right. 35th Street runs between the two of them. The Dan Ryan Expressway (I 90/94) is the big road right in the middle of the picture; the Red Line train (formerly the Lake-Dan Ryan Line) runs in the middle of it. The tall building across the Dan Ryan from the old park is one of the buildings of IIT. The buildings across from the new park (the groups of buildings that look the same) are the Robert Taylor Homes, which as I understand it are now closed. They extended all the way down to 47th Street (if you were to continue to the right in the picture). Lake Michigan is in the far background. Downtown Chicago is to your left.

We lived at 45th and Wood. If you were standing where this picture was taken, Wood Street is about a mile behind you, so we'd be at about 5 o'clock. Off to your right at about 2 o'clock is the University of Chicago. At about 10 o'clock is Soldier Field, where the Bears play. The United Center, where the Blackhawks and Bulls play, is at about 8 o'clock.

Just thought you might be interested. Think I'll go watch TV.

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